A Longtime Holdout Joins Madden This Year

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Soldier Field, one of the more storied venues of the National Football League, has never appeared in the Madden NFL series, or any other NFL series. It's always been a generic venue under the name "Chicago Stadium," or "Chicago Field."


That's because the Chicago Park District has never licensed the name for use. Apparently they finally were offered acceptable terms. Phil Frazier, a senior producer on Madden NFL, Tweeted on Thursday that "it is very likely we'll have the real Soldier Field in the game this year!" Frazier said the team at EA Sports Tiburon must now build the field. Presumably, that would include an exterior shot of its iconic colonnade.

Who knows why the Chicago Park District came around; a tougher economy may have made them finally accept whatever EA Sports was offering for the rights.


Soldier Field Coming to Madden 12 [Pasta Padre. Image by Getty Images]

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Sports games and the politics involved with them have never really been something I've known too much about (and there seems to be a whole lot where the NFL and EA is concerned), so can someone explain why a stadium owner would turn down the easy and guaranteed money that comes with licensing your stadium's name for use in a cash cow like Madden?