Someone has gone to the trouble of concocting a fake trailer for a live-action Pokemon movie, complete with in-progress watermarks and surprisingly decent special effects.

We love it. The moody music, the dramatic over-acting, the impressive evolving effects; as an exercise in fan fantasy, it's a blast. A real movie like this, today, would of course suck. It's be like Avatar: The Last Airbender meets Dragonball Z meets Speed Racer meets a million other ill-advised live-action adaptations.

Funny thing is, though, you can never tell what the future holds. When the Transformers generation grew up, their childish cartoon was turned into a dark, violent movie series. Who's to say Nintendo may not fancy doing the same thing in 10-15 years for the Pokemon generation? It will have been long enough to forget the horror that was Super Mario Bros....

[Shogun Gamer]