A Live-Action Look Back at Dead Island's Original Trailer

Remember that haunting first trailer that Dead Island released two years ago? The reverse-time, slow-motion reveal of a zombie child thrown to her death by her father, and the tragedy preceding it all? That thing won an award at Cannes.* Now someone's gone and shot it in live action.

Directed by BJ McConnell, with visual effects ("weeks of post production," they say) from LockTix, this trailer gets more than a few extra points for degree of difficulty, and seems even sadder when you can see a real little girl, and hear her shrieking from the zombie bite that will send everything to hell. And back.

*Not the Cannes International Film Festival. The "Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity." But it's still in France.

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Just to repeat what pretty much everybody else is saying...

The disparity between the trailer and the game itself annoyed me more than anything else. Absolutely ridiculous. I was so hyped.