A Little More Info On Xbox Live For Mobile Phones

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We've known for years that Microsoft would be expanding Xbox Live beyond the Xbox console. Heck, with Games For Windows, it's (practically) already started. Still, new info is always appreciated!


A job posting on Microsoft's site for a Principal Program Manager specifically asks the successful applicant to "drive the platform and bring Xbox LIVE enabled games to Windows Mobile". That's the part we knew.

Some new stuff, however, comes in how they'll be doing this, saying "This person will focus specifically on what makes gaming experiences "LIVE Enabled" through aspects such as avatar integration, social interactions, and multi-screen experiences".

So...your avatar can hang out on your 360 and your phone. That was a given. The "multi-screen" part is interesting, though. Remember how the GameCube and GBA could link up and share game info? Like, how in Wind Waker you could get little maps and bonus info on the Game Boy Advance's screen? This might be like that. Only, people might actually use it.

Principal Program Manager [Microsoft, via Gizmodo]



Before wasting money and people to bring Live to Windows Mobile they could bring Live to Poland and other countries that deserve it.

No online play, no demos, no indie games, no DLC codes in X360 games, DLCs not working with polish version of the game... nothing. And what is polish Microsoft staff doing? Saying "We have no info now, maybe soon" and "Just make an UK account, we can even help you".

If they bring Live to WinMo I, as someone from country not treated as important by Microsoft, gain nothing. And anyway, with the way Marketplace works on Windows Mobile it's pretty much useless. At this point in time polish version of Marketplace has 20 apps, of which most are from MS and SPB, and there's 2 versions of facebook for windows mobile(english and polish, as different apps). And there's not even a way to change region from which I want to download.