A Little Floor Play

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There's a pretty cool maze at Chicago's Navy Pier that, deep within its bowels, includes a video game of sorts.


About two-thirds of the way through Amazing Chicago's Funhouse Maze is an interactive floor. In the room games are projected onto the floor that you can play. The loop of interactive videos includes a giant drum set, a game of soccer and the great Chicago Fire, with you trying to stamp out the flames.

The games, played as a group, were actually pretty fun. It would have been nice if they threw a bit of education into the Great Fire one, but Tristan still had a blast running around stomping on virtual flames.

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Sounds better than the Chicago game event you went to earlier today... and freeer, um freeur, free-er.... more free. Unless there was and entry fee to the maze I guess, but it still sounds better than paying 5 bucks to play a couple games you probably already have.