A life well lived is a life well documented on Facebook, it seems.

This is Facebook as Facebook's creators see it, a place free of annoying Farmville beggars, ad-backed instant messages, friendships and pokes. A place where life scrolls down in a single column packed with photos, life-changing one-liners and painful status updates.

This is the Facebook we all wish we had, but few of us do. Watch this video, and then return to your pictures of food on plates, your self-promotional updates disguised as what's currently on your mind and your endless, pointless casual game playing.


Special thanks to Tweeter _Merry_Melody for the heads up about the video, which was directed by CG artist Maxime Luère. You may have seen some of Luère's work in games like Splinter Cell: Double Agent and Ghost Recon Advanced Warrior.