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Minnesota's franchise performer Joe Mauer - the newly minted American League Most Valuable Player - will grace the cover of MLB 10 The Show, SCEA announced through its blog on Thursday.


Mauer, the Twins' catcher, follows the 2008 A.L. MVP Dustin Pedroia, who appeared on the cover of MLB 09 The Show. His appearance coincides with a new "catcher mode" in which players may call pitches and defenses, the same as Mauer and other backstops do in real games. SCEA's blog also said players may expect 11 new stadiums, daytime transitional lighting, improved pick-off capabilities to cut down on excessive stealing, better online performance to compensate for lag, plus online season leagues.

According to, which posted a first look at the game yesterday, MLB 10 The Show will even feature manager-meltdown animations, one recreating minor league skipper Phillip Wellman's infamous blowup from 2007 - complete with the military crawl and hurling the rosin bag grenade-style.

2009 American League MVP Joe Mauer Named Cover Athlete for MLB 10 The Show [SCEA Blog]

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