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An Incredibly Realistic Monster Hunter Felyne Doll

[Images: Famitsu | Capcom]
[Images: Famitsu | Capcom]

Capcom is releasing a highly-detailed, hand-made Felyne.

Felynes are the cat species in Monster Hunter and have become mascots of sorts for the series.


Priced at 162,000 yen ($1,475), this Felyne doll measures nearly 12 inches long and has amazing details, as seen in these images from Famitsu and Capcom.

[Images: Famitsu | Capcom]
[Images: Famitsu | Capcom]

A Japanese doll maker known as “Pigu” makes each doll by hand one-by-one.

The Monster Hunter Premium Doll Felyne will be released next February in Japan. No word about an international release.

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The only weird thing about this to me is that it’s naked. Typically a Felyne has a shirt.