Over the years, Sanrio has put Hello Kitty on seemingly everything: from beer and melons to airplanes and lingerie. Add a kitty litter box to the mix.

The Kitty toilet has an odor eliminating, antibacterial mat as well as deodorizing antibacterial litter.


The actual toilet looks a little pinker than the promotional art (compare below):

Surely there have been other Hello Kitty cat toilets, no? A cursory internet check doesn't turn up any official Hello Kitty litter boxes, but I'd be very surprised if they didn't exist.


This product certainly makes more sense than other Kitty-branded goods, like Hello Kitty toilet paper and Hello Kitty motor oil. Yes, there was motor oil.

Priced at around 2,800 yen (US$28), the Hello Kitty feline toilet is available for a limited time in Japan.


ハローキティがトイレになって限定販売 [マイナビニュース]

Photos: Kao, ねこのひたい

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