Visual designer Samuel Matson has an idea on how to rid the world of gamer rage. It's not through medication, counselling or discipline. It's through prevention.

He's designed a headset called Immersion, which not only uses biometrics to track a user's heart rate, but can then adjust what's going on in a game accordingly.


Based on researching a number of gamer's heart rates while playing a shooter, and using a raw prototype hooked up to an Xbox 360, the Immersion would gently adjust the difficulty and content of a game based on how the player was feeling.

Which sounds a lot like it would only benefit singleplayer experiences, but who knows, maybe the data it captures could be useful for a multiplayer server as well.

It's exactly the kind of stuff Nintendo were thinking of with the now-dead Vitality Sensor, and at the moment it's just as real a product. But given his idea has both community and game design benefits, hopefully he can get it made!

Immersion[Design, via Slashdot]

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