A Half-Life 2 Movie Wouldn't Be Rainbows And Cuddles. It'd Be Bleak As Hell.

Pandemic is a Half-Life 2 movie made by anklove. While it's got its fair share of effects, this isn't some attempt at a blockbuster action flick. Instead, it does what Eastern European movies do best: turn the screws on a desolate, bleak landscape.

So, yeah, this isn't a feel-good project. At the end of four minutes you'll probably want to go play Half-Life 2 again, sure, but you'll also probably want to go find someone special and give them a hug. Maybe in a green, sunny park.

[thanks Tim!]

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I can appreciate what they were trying to do stylistically, but I'm not very impressed. 75% of that film could've been a film about anything. Shots of grass. A building in the distance going in and out of focus. Stock-looking footage of cellular activity. A shot of a poorly animated combine soldier. I'm being a bit of a downer on this film, I guess, but I'm just not incredibly impressed. I'm a massive HL fan and a film that is just essentially random, "artistic" noise with a couple of Combine-related shots mixed in here and there isn't enough to constitute a really good Half-Life film.