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The Manderville Gold Saucer is now live in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, and it's every bit as joyful as I imagined. Join me as I participate in mini-game gambling, Chocobo races, the Triple Triad card game and some impromptu beatboxing.


Join me as I transport myself via semi-feline avatar to the happiest place on Eorzea, now open for business. As this is a video tour, those of you averse to watching long videos might want to feel bad about it, but not too bad—I briefly sing in this, so you dodged a bullet.

Also note that there is a portion of this video, we'll call it 11:15 to 15:15, that I meant to edit out. While the edited version renders, feel free to skip it.

Looking for just the highlights?

  • Chocobo Racing: 10:55
  • Triple Triad: 8:30
  • Moogle Paw Mini-Game: 5:12
  • Cuff-a-Cur Mini-Game: 10:31
  • Monster Toss Mini-Game: 7:05
  • Crystal Tower Striker Mini-Game: 6:16
  • Mini-Cactpot: 3:20
  • Impromptu Beatboxing: 15:30

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