A Guided Tour Of Burnout Paradise's Big Surf Island

In the latest episode of Crash TV, Criterion takes us on a guided tour of Big Surf Island, the major chunk of new real estate coming to Burnout Paradise next month.

After a year of driving around Paradise City, the prospect of new places to play is immensely inviting. The 45 new billboards and 75 new Smashes shouldn't take too long to complete, but the insane jumps and new areas to explore should keep players occupied long after they've earned their Island license.


Looks amazing! Some people might not agree with this, but I'm glad they broke their tour up into 2 parts. Makes the 2-week wait a little easier! I can't wait to do all of those Mega Jumps, and smash the Island Billboards! I would love to play Cops & Robbers on the Island, because I'm sure vacation spots are full of crime, right? Glad they made new offline events as well! I also love that they changed the name of "Burning Routes" to "Island Tours"!

June is going to be an insane month!