A Group of Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim Modders Are Making An RPG

An open-world fantasy RPG, predictably enough.

The group, Druid Gameworks, is working on a Skyrim-esque PC RPG which wants to put more emphasis on player choice. Unwritten: Echoes of Twilight, as they call it, eschews the Elder Scrolls series' main-quest-side-quest structure in favor of a more exploration-based system, where you basically unlock different quests and storylines based on your decisions.

Echoes of Twilight is currently being Kickstarted; Druid Gameworks is asking for $500,000 to hire more developers, cover licensing fees and fund promotion for the game. A bold move, considering the project page has little to offer apart from the description, a few pieces of concept art, and a lone animation video (embedded above). But hey, it's a modder-made RPG—I'd say it's worth at least keeping an eye on this one.


Unwritten: Echoes of Twilight [Kickstarter]

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