There are lots of titles at this week’s Tokyo Game Show. What platforms they appear on is a solid gauge for what’s currently happening in Japanese gaming.

And what’s big? Mobile. For the past few years, TGS has been lots and lots of mobile. But, that’s not the only story. There are many more PlayStation 4 games—more than double last year.

That makes sense! Because the platform is further along in its lifespan. Also, the recent Japanese price cut should help the console spread further.

There are double the number of Wii U games (even if there aren’t a huge number of Wii U games at TGS — which could also be attributed to how Nintendo sits the show out).

Interestingly, there are also more PC games and over five times the number of Steam games.


Via an official release, you can see a breakdown of what’s on hand at the show.

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