A Glimpse At Bioware's Next Game... Could it Be Mass Effect 3?

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The developers behind Mass Effect and Dragon Age plan to show off their next big game during this year's SpikeTV Awards, but here's an incredibly short glimpse of it.


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World Premiere - BioWare | SpikeTV | SPIKE.com

We don't know what it is either, but it certainly looks like a modern or semi futuristic shooter. Perhaps it's going to blend shooter with role-playing game a bit like Mass Effect 2 does.


Reader Shell Kracker points out that the weapon spotted in the video looks an awful lot like the M-29 Incisor from Mass Effect 2's download pack.

Spike TV's Video Game Awards, which will air live on Dec. 11 at 8 p.m. eastern, 5 p.m. pacific, will also give viewers a preview of Batman: Arkham City, we're told. Stay tuned and until then, let's figure out what this Bioware game is.

For those of you not in the U.S., here's the region-free version of the video:

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Damien Fate

I'm pretty sure it's ME related looking at all the comments.

Here is another clue, the hexagon pattern which is a common theme in ME.

Also, as [kotaku.com] (Blackout62) else pointed out earlier, the two numbers that Bioware have alluded to were: 55.845 and -128.5°F. The mass of iron and the coldest temperature on earth.

Mass of iron & coldest temperature on earth

Mass of FE (iron) & CT on earth

Mass FE CT on earth

Mass Effect on Earth!

I can imagine this being a story about the first contact.