A Glimpse At Bioware's Next Game... Could it Be Mass Effect 3?

The developers behind Mass Effect and Dragon Age plan to show off their next big game during this year's SpikeTV Awards, but here's an incredibly short glimpse of it.

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World Premiere - BioWare | SpikeTV | SPIKE.com

We don't know what it is either, but it certainly looks like a modern or semi futuristic shooter. Perhaps it's going to blend shooter with role-playing game a bit like Mass Effect 2 does.


Reader Shell Kracker points out that the weapon spotted in the video looks an awful lot like the M-29 Incisor from Mass Effect 2's download pack.

Spike TV's Video Game Awards, which will air live on Dec. 11 at 8 p.m. eastern, 5 p.m. pacific, will also give viewers a preview of Batman: Arkham City, we're told. Stay tuned and until then, let's figure out what this Bioware game is.

For those of you not in the U.S., here's the region-free version of the video:

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