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A Gearbox-Developed Call of Duty Could Have Happened. Imagine That.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Am I the only one that's a tad bewildered by the idea? Apparently, Gearbox—the developers behind Borderlands 2—had the opportunity to make a Call of Duty game according to a translated Krawall interview. Nothing official, but they were in a position to consider it. Obviously, they didn't go for it. Here's why, according to IGN.

"I just didn't see what there was left to accomplish. For me, there are two scenarios for which a Gearbox project makes sense," explained Randy Pitchford, President at Gearbox, "First, when the game just wouldn't have existed without us. Or second, when we could offer something new for an existing brand, a unique perspective or a new start."

Perhaps more remarkable is the idea that they didn't do it because Call of Duty wouldn't have been a challenge for Gearbox. Making a Call of Duty game would have meant giving people what they want out of the franchise, which would have also meant following expectations. More of the same, if you will.


I'm curious as to why that 'we shouldn't just follow expectations' philosophy didn't carry over to Borderlands 2, but hey. We're talking about what-could-have-been here.

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