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A Game Where You're A Rotating Limo Shouldn't Make Sense But It Does

Is this real life? Of course not, because this is exactly the kind of scenario that could only work in a video game. And isn't it wonderful.


Your name is Georgio Manos and you're a chauffeur driving around in a revolving limousine. Which actually makes perfect sense, because the 1977 town of Roundabout is full of tight corners and twisty streets that'd be difficult to navigate in any other way.

It's really too bad that a city like New York doesn't feature the same rules at play in Roundabout, industry veteran (and ex Rock Band designer) Dan Teasdale's brand new game. You can greenlight it on Steam, as well as see more about the game, right here. It'll be out some time next year for PC and consoles.

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You know what? I actually want to play this. Wow.