You know the ever-looming embodiment of tiny evil that scary movies trot out for cheap scares? Lucius II will let you play as one. Expect blood. Lots of blood.

I really wanted to like the original Lucius more than I did. It had a killer concept (itsy bitsy horror movie murder machine, played with almost Hitman-style objectives), but it was too confined, linear in ways that didn't even make sense. The glee of such a mercilessly macabre setup is rarely in doing the deed. That's only the payoff. Creatively arranging dominoes such that they fall—thud, thud, thud, wet flesh against ground—exactly as you planned, that's the fun part.

Lucius II, however, is being billed as a "splatter adventure sandbox" where you can explore a five story hospital and an entire town. "Each level is its own sandbox where you can decide when, who and how to kill," the developers say. So hopefully, fingers crossed, they don't railroad us through the whole thing again.

You also get to mix and match various traps as you see fit and pick your own loadout of supernatural abilities. Because—oh yeah—you're the son of the devil. Did I forget to mention that? Oh well, it's probably not important. I doubt it'll even come up.

Lucius II will be out on Steam "soon." Until then, favorite creepy horror movie child—go!