A Game Where The Princess Doesn't WANT To Be Rescued

At the Toronto Game Jam (TOJam) over the weekend, indie developers from all over the place got together and made some games.


They're still in the process of being pulled together and put online, but one that's caught my eye is Knight & Damsel. I came for the pixel art, but stayed for the premise.

Which is a "competitive two-player feminist puzzle platformer", in which the knight is trying to rescue a damsel who, uh, doesn't need/want to be rescued. So the chase is on.

The game (or, to be fair, basic playable concept) was done over the course of the jam, and was the work of five guys, including Sound Shapes' Matthew Kumar and Vic Nguyen, who a few months back totally made my Christmas.

If you like the sound/look of it, Kumar tweeted that the "version we made for the jam proved the concept, am hopeful that we can find more than just time to make it something special..."

Knight & Damsel [Vic Nguyen, via rafiTBA]

Mathew Kumar [Twitter]

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So... how does the game actually play? Do you play the knight TRYING to rescue the princess, while your friend is the princess and trying to avoid you? Do both of you have a deathmatch? What does she need rescuing from? (Other than, well, you) More details!

Really like the animations by the way. They are hilarious.