A Game Where A Camera, Not A Gun, Is Your Greatest Weapon

You could use a camera to take pictures in the real world. Or, you could use a camera to help you navigate horrible nightmares. Well, okay, you can only do the latter if you happen to be playing Lumen, a cool looking student project from Thousand Cranes Studio.

Lumen is a puzzle platformer where you play as a girl trapped in a nightmare world. Thankfully, you can use your camera to your advantage, as the camera can make platforms appear, help you avoid traps, and of course, lets you take photographs. Unlike normal photographs, the photographs in Lumen let you change the world around you. So say you take a picture of a teddy bear that's trapped. If you flip the picture around, the bear in the real world will flip too—and hopefully come loose. It's a really neat concept—this is the type of game I wish I saw more of.


The game is short—around 20 minutes long—but it's also free. You can download it here, provided you meet the following system requirements:

Windows Vista/7/8
2 Ghz processor
3D Graphics Card with 512 MB RAM
DirectX 9

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