A game that explores how even the simplest things are difficult, if not impossible, when you have dysphoria.


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Hahaha, this game is absolutely absurd. "I have to do paperwork to renew my license bawwwwwww." "I don't like the way I look, baaaaaaawwww." "I hate the name my parents gave me, its ugly, bawwwwwww" "Magazines have pictures on them bawwwwwwww" "I barely managed to grab some groceries, get my haircut, and renew my license in the same day, my life is so hard and horrible and awfulllll baaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwww"


This is absolutely and totally ridiculous. I have a difficult time imagining the kind of spoiled brat that actually thinks and behaves this way in real life. If you are old enough to have to renew your license, you should be more mature than this, period. If you have depression or self esteem issues on this level, you should probably add 'see a psychologist for psychotherapy' onto that list of errands that need to be taken care of.