A Game That Captures The Magic And Anxiety Of Finally Kissing Your Crush

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Do you remember your first kiss? Smooch.Click can take you back to that moment.

My first kiss was in the living room of a friend’s house. We had all been watching movies together, and my friend was trying to set me up with a guy. It worked, mostly because I was eager to get kissed already and didn’t much care by whom. He kissed me with his eyes open. He ended up writing his number on the back of my hand, and we exchanged AIM details. I left the party full of hope about where this would go, but a few days later, he stopped speaking to me.


Despite how much of a downer this experience was, the moments leading up to that kiss were still full of a sweet enough anticipation that I can still recall them. His dyed black hair and Hot Topic hoodie linger in my memory whether I want them to or not. It’s details like those that Smooch.Click includes in its stories of kisses.

Smooch.Click is a text-based game that takes a few minutes to play. In each playthrough, you’re presented with a different story and a different kissing opportunity. As you read it, different options for how you react flash on the page. When you’re eating an avocado bagel with the person you’re about to kiss, you can suppress a yawn, or ask them if they want a bite. If they bring up Daniel Day-Lewis, you can pay attention or you can space out in a reverie about how you love that actor. Depending your choices, you can have a romantic, swoon-worthy kiss. Or you might have a truly bad one. You could even end up with a ghost living in your mouth (seriously).

Text-based games like this live or die on the writing, and luckily for Smooch.Click, the writing in this game is just sparse enough to be evocative without ruining the vibe. The game doesn’t include all the days leading to that moment where you’re finally alone with your crush. Instead, it focuses on the equally meaningful little things, like what you’re eating or wearing, how their breath felt on your cheek, or the way they smiled at you and then looked away. It’s so easy to ruin a romantic moment, and Smooch.Click emphasizes that tenuous feeling, while still giving you the opportunity to get swept away.