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A Game of Thrones Without the TV Crowd Isn't a Game at all

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
A Game Of Thrones: Genesis

OK, so here's my problem with the upcoming Game of It's not a problem with the game, per se, more with me. And it's all the TV show's fault.

You see, now that there's a slick, big-budget visual interpretation of Game of Thrones showing on HBO, that's the look I associate with the franchise. It was the same when the Lord of the Rings trilogy was released; no matter how many times I'd read the books, after I'd seen the movie's take on the locations and characters of Middle Earth, stuff like Lord of the Rings Online (which lacked the film rights) never felt quite right.


So it is with Genesis, an upcoming game for the PC. It's Game of Thrones all right, it says so in the game's title, but if there's no Sean Bean being stupid every ten minutes then it just won't be the same.

UPDATE - I've changed the headline having been told the original contained spoilers. Being in Australia and having not seen the latest episode, that was never my intent, so sorry to anyone who believed otherwise. If it helps, the people telling me it was a spoiler in turn spoiled it for me.