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A Game About War With No Guns (Because You're The Housekeeper)

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Forget Call of Duty—it seems like the era of unique, fascinating games about war is underway. Case-in-point: Sunset, an exploration game that puts you in the role of a nosy housekeeper. As the housekeeper, you look after an apartment belonging to someone involved in the war that has broken out around you.

From the game's Kickstarter page:

Sunset is a narrative-driven first-person videogame that takes place in a single apartment in a fictional South American city in the early 1970s. You play a housekeeper called Angela Burnes. Every week, an hour before sunset, you visit the swanky bachelor pad of Gabriel Ortega. You are given a number of tasks to do, but the temptation to go through his stuff is irresistible. As you get to know your mysterious employer better, you are sucked into a rebellious plot against a notorious dictator Generalísimo Ricardo Miraflores.


No guns, no combat, no puzzles. Interesting, right? It might not be a surprise to hear that the game, which is being developed by Tale of Tales, has influences like Gone Home and Dear Esther. But unlike those games, what you uncover hasn't happened in the past. Events unfold as you discover them.

The game is called "Sunset" because that's when you clean up the penthouse. Your tasks will revolve around housekeeping, sure, but inevitably you'll snoop around some too. In doing so, you'll uncover information about the world, as well as influence the penthouse's owner in subtle ways. Heck, though you might never meet him, but it does sound like you'll be able to develop a relationship with him:

For each task in the apartment there is more than one way of performing it: a neutral way or a naughty, funny way or flirty way. Gabriel will respond through small notes and other actions. It is up to you to decide how intimate or antagonistic this relationship becomes.


You can watch the game's pitch here:


Tale of Tales is hoping to raise $25,000 for the project, which you can support here.