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Family Man looks like it’s gonna get really dark really fast—depending on how you play it.

Family Man’s premise—you’re some dude, you’ve got a family, you’ve got to make ends meet—would be the stuff of impromptu comas if not for one little caveat: you’ll be able to do anything. Or, you know, mostly anything:

“Family Man is a first person adventure RPG in which your play out the life of a normal everyday guy, Joe Smith. Things don’t go well for you and your family as you’re forced to make morally dubious decisions to support them.”

“You can live your life scraping by, online gambling or working in a burger joint. Or you can turn to a life of crime, stealing from your neighbors or following even darker paths. It’s up to you.”


There’s a full neighborhood with a simulated life cycle. Within it, you’ll be able to do whatever you want. Also, it seems like the neighborhood’s inhabitants enjoy kicking you while you’re down, so I’m betting it’ll be awfully tempting to kick them while they’re up—and then kick them while they’re down.

Family Man is currently on Steam Greenlight. It’s set to come out sometime next year. Do you have what it takes to family? Do you have what it takes to man?

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