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A Game About One of World War Two's Saddest Moments

The Warsaw Uprising was a tragedy. In August 1944, with the Red Army at the gates of the Nazi-occupied Polish capital, resistance fighters rose up to battle the Germans and help make their liberation a little easier.


But Soviet help never came. Stalin halted the Red Army on the outskirts of the city and ignored calls for assistance, while the Germans regrouped and systematically crushed the uprising.

It's a sad story in a war full of them, and a futile one at that, which doesn't make it sound exactly ideal for adaptation into a video game, but Polish developers DMD Enterprise think otherwise.


They recently released Uprising44, a blend of shooter and strategy, which puts you in command of resistance fighters. While it looks...quaint, the subject matter will certainly make it worth a closer look for history buffs and those fed up with the same ol' focus on the "big" powers of the war.

Uprising44 [DMD, via PC Gamer]

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Heerrrooo Yui

Is there anything happy about real life war?