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A Game About Hunting Monsters, And It's Not Made In Japan

On paper, Monster Hunter should be one of the biggest games on Earth. It's about nothing but fighting giant monsters, then gutting them for loot. For whatever reason, though, Monster Hunter is only really big in Japan, leaving others free to steal its thunder elsewhere.


Enter Canadian studio Tetrahedral Interactive, who are working on Canto, which looks a lot like Monster Hunter, only it's for the PC (well, MH is on PC too...sort of...). It's got four player co-op, and we can expect the future.

Tetrahedral Games [Site, via RPS]

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For whatever reason, though, Monster Hunter is only really big in Japan, leaving others free to steal its thunder elsewhere.

Might have something to do with the series a.) requiring the player to suffer through a miserable 30-40 hr grind/learning curve before it starts being "fun" and b.) largely being available only on handheld systems that aren't nearly as ubiquitous in the west as they are in Japan.

It's definitely a series that you not only have to seek out, but be willing to invest in once you find it. There's certainly some magic to the game once you're killing giant dragons and crafting loot from their corpses, but you'll have to spend a lot of tedious hours killing bullshit to get to that point.

It's kinda like saying, "FFXIII is a great game . . . once you drop 20+ hours into it and get to Grand Pulse. Totally opens up after that!" Which is a true statement, but asking players to suffer a woefully linear experience to get there is a bit much. Or, perhaps more apt comparison, trying to convince someone to go through a rote leveling grind in an MMO because the end-game content is enjoyable and satisfying.

I really like the MH formula once it gets going, but I think it asks too much of most players to get there. I've enjoyed playing save files my friends have had, but starting the game from scratch is so insufferable that I've never been able to make it through the first 3-4 hrs on my own. And it's not like Dark Souls or some such where your initial "suffering" comes from any sort of skill or challenge. It's simply the most boring, tedious "un-fun" experience humanly possible in a game. I more than welcome any series to steal the MH formula and rework it into a more accessible experience.

p.s. Also, on consoles (or PC) please. The controls simply do. not. work. on a handheld device. I don't care what bullshit people feed you about "getting used to it." There are not enough buttons on a handheld to physically attach all your actions to. The way you have to juggle your movements around will have you fighting the control setup more than the monsters you fight.