A Funny Thing Happens At The End Of Disney Infinity's Star Wars: The Force Awakens Play Set

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The Disney Infinity Star Wars: The Force Awakens adventure loosely follows the events of the new movie from start to finish, though one particular dramatic development is glossed over. Spoilers are going to happen here, kids.


Seriously, if you’ve not seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens yet and plan on doing so, do not read on. I’ll try not to spoil anything overtly in the text—though I make no promises—but I can guarantee you the comments section will be filled with discussions about things you don’t want to know about yet.

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So while the recently launched Disney Infinity 3.0 companion piece to The Force Awakens starts players off in familiar territory, it diverges at mostly the proper points. Finn and Rey make it off of Jakku with that famous guy, stop by the other planet to talk with someone who is definitely not the same character from the movie, and then the plan to take the battle to the First Order’s Really, Really Death Star No We’re Serious This Time commences.

At the beginning of the assault we’ve got an assortment of characters aboard an iconic ship, at least one of which wasn’t there in the movie. Also worth noting, the pronunciation of the planet Takodana makes me incredibly hungry—taco donna.

Once players hit the ground on the Starkiller they’ve got to lower the shields so the Resistance Assault (just doesn’t have the same ring) can begin. Then they’ve got to plant some explosives so the Resistance fighters can get to whatever passes for an exhaust port in the planet-based weapon.

Of course it wouldn’t be The Force Awakens without a showdown with Darth Teen Angst. Disney Infinity gives us three of them, each involving explosive barrels, because explosive barrels. After the third gripping barrel battle is finished, the following cutscene plays.

Notice anyone missing there? That’s right, where did Poe Dameron go?

Just kidding. Poe, who was never on the Millennium Falcon to begin with in the movie, likely made his way to his cool X-Wing that must make all of his fellow pilots jealous. “Why can’t we have black and orange ships?” “Because the audience doesn’t need to keep track of you in a firefight.” “Awww.”

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That’s strange, wasn’t there another pilot for this ship? We didn’t hear from him at all while wandering about on the First Order planet. Maybe he’s with Poe in his X-Wing? That must be it. Chewbacca looks far too happy for it to be anything else.


My guess is that older Harrison Ford is just too damn sexy for a game aimed at kids, so they left him out of the ending to limit their exposure. I’m sure he’ll be back up to his charming scoundrels ways once the folks at Disney Infinity get around to making a set for episode eight.

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Twisted Metal 2

I find it funny how they used Battle of Heroes from Episode III here and how it added so much to the fight. I was actually really surprised how subdued the score was in TFA, especially after how great it sounded in the trailers. For me at least, there really weren’t any memorable tracks.