Today in Osaka, Universal Studios Japan rolled out its latest attraction, Resident Evil The Real. Here's an inside look at the attraction, which is open for a limited time only.

As previously mentioned, Resident Evil The Real (aka "Biohazard The Real") is a live-action shooting attraction at USJ that uses the same practice shooting system used by police and military. Each visitor is equipped with a 700 gram "model gun" that only has thirty virtual bullets. The goal is to shoot the zombies and other creatures, eradicating the virus contagion.

The attraction is divided into two stages. The first stage has two different routes: The Raccoon City Police Department route and the hospital route. Groups of eight go through each course, shooting zombies and other monsters along the way. Clear the first stage, and you can continue to the second, which is set in the Umbrella Research Center, for the final showdown. It takes about five to ten minutes to go through the attraction.


Here's a look at Resident Evil The Real, which takes its visual cue from RE2 and RE3. Photos are courtesy of Game Impress Watch and Famitsu:

Of course, there's a gift shop after the attraction, with loads of stuff to look at and buy.

Killing zombies is hard work, so swing by a nearby restaurant for Resident Evil-themed refreshments. Yes, you can even order "brains". Braaaaaaaaains.

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Photo: usjTV

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