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“Refrigerator full of Super Nintendo Jurassic Park games”. That eBay listing title says everything your heart needs to know.

Well, almost. The fridge isn’t actually included in the sale. But over 300 video games—mostly copies of Jurassic Park for the Super Nintendo—are.


Jurassic Park on the SNES was a masterpiece, combining Zelda-like overworld gameplay with interior sections that switched to FPS.

Here’s a speedrun by HeyItsLeonPowalski to give you an idea, if you’ve never seen/played the game before:

As a bonus, there are also a few other Jurassic Park games being thrown in, like the Game Boy and Genesis versions.

Illustration for article titled A Fridge Full Ofi Jurassic Park/i Games Is Good eBay

If you’re wondering how/why any single person would own so many copies of one video game, the seller explains:

In 2012 I had an opportunity to buy out a portion of a game store. It was there in the basement of this old store that I had the opportunity to purchase a number of Jurassic Park carts i.e. 120ish. I said, “why not, that could be fun”. I posted the haul on NintendoAge, and goodness, did things escalate quick. Soon I had 200, then 250, and now right around 300. I traded people for them, did some auctions where members bid using jurassic park games as currency, and some kind guys and gals even donated to the cause.


So why sell them now?

There is no reason per say as to why sell them now. I have had a lot of fun with them, and this is an opportunity for me to share the fun I’ve had. It’s also an opportunity for me to possibly pass the torch so another can share the fun and maybe add to it. If any soul dares that is!


Note that this isn’t an auction; it’s $1500 buy it now.

Sadly, the Bacardi isn’t included either.

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