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A Fresh Reminder Why Fanboys Are Stupid

I put this to you, Xbox fanboys (though it's of course equally applicable across all platforms): if you love console so damn much you indeed qualify as a fanboy, one who adores Microsoft and despises Sony and Nintendo, what does it say about you when one of the execs running Xbox itself owns and enjoys not just a PS4, but a Wii U as well?


Microsoft's Phil Spencer sat down with Geoff Keighley for an informal chat at SXSW, footage of which has now been uploaded online. They talked about a lot of things - Shenmue comes up twice - but the highlight is probably when the conversation shofts to fanboyism.

"I don't know if it's my favorite part of the industry, but there seems to be this natural faction that gets created around what console you own", Spencer says. "There's this...I would call it unhealthy dislike of people who own the other console".


"I love the fans that we have," Spencer later adds, "but I don't think being a fan of Xbox does not mean you can't be a fan of something else, or you have to be an anti-fan of some other brand. At least I'm not. I own a PlayStation 4, I play games on a PlayStation 4. I own a Wii U, I play games on my Wii U. I learn a ton from what happens on those other platforms."

An Interview With Phil Spencer Highlights from the SXSW Gaming Expo 2014 [YouTube, via Gamasutra]

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Perhaps fanboys are really just people who can only commit/afford one console, so they must defend their investment with all their might.

Console makers don't make a console great, it's the game developers who make them shine.