A Fresh Look At Gravity Ghost, The Little Indie Mario Galaxy That Could

It's been a full year since we last checked in with Gravity Ghost, developer Erin Robinson's 2D take on gravitation-influenced platforming and Mario Galaxy-like star-collecting. We caught up with Robinson again at E3 2013 to see how the game is shaping up. Short version: It's looking great.


Before we shot the video above, I played through several levels as Robinson explained how the game works. She says they're far enough along that they're planning to release it this year. The whole thing has come a long ways since Evan checked out the game, and it now has a soundtrack by FTL composer Ben Prunty. (Sweet!)

You can watch Robinson play the game in the video above; she's a lot better at it than I was.



This reminds me of two things:

1) Le Petit Prince (which was mentioned in the video), and

2) an old demo or shareware game on the PC that I played years and years back that was similarly puzzle-based with planetary gravity as the key mechanic. You had to launch some kind of missile or spinner or something from a starting location through a randomly generated field of planets and gravity fields, using them to guide what you launched to a target spot. If only I could remember what the heck it was called...