A For Honor Kill So Nice They Fell Twice

Today on Highlight Reel we have For Honor aces, Resident Evil glitches, falling vikings, Battlefield self-owns, and much more!

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Man, as a huge Mount and Blade player back in the day, I wan’t to really love For Honor... but after playing in the beta twice, it just feels so... shallow? The combat was okay. A little sluggish for my taste, but I saw where they were going with it. Coming from M&B though, I’m missing the mounted combat, archery, and wide variety of different weapon types and large number of players per match that really made that game something special! Some servers had 128 concurrent players in a single match!

Having played in many other betas in the past, I’m just not sure that the game is even capable of hosting the sort of play I was hoping for.

Hopefully it does well and they expand significantly on it. I look forward to seeing how it’s received after release.