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A Five-Year Collection Of Anime Women Going 'Ohoho'

Sailor Moon’s Emerald all like, “Ohoho.”
Sailor Moon’s Emerald all like, “Ohoho.”
Screenshot: Ohohojousama

Somebody has been meticulously collecting anime clips of women saying “ohoho” for five years. Why? This is the internet. Don’t ask questions.


Also known as the “noblewoman’s laugh,” “ohoho” in anime is an expression of amusement and condescension. In practice, it’s a shrill, “oh ho ho oh ho.” Didn’t know some basic shit? Ohoho. Let me explain. Beaten in a fight? Ohoho. You’re weak. Trying to cop a date with the cutest girl in your class? Ohoho. You wish.

YouTuber Ohohojousama’s channel features the mocking cackle hundreds of times over. Every video’s title is “ohoho.” Ohoho.

Wield the videos wisely and only send them to friends who have really done something dumb.


(via /r/anime)

Senior reporter at Kotaku.

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You can’t forget Naga the Serpent.
(video isn’t the best, but most of the clips were the more piercing English dub)