This was the Year of Luigi, but it didn't feel like the Year of Luigi. At least not until today, when Japan's Good Smile Company revealed the Nendoroid Luigi figure, and I fell in love.

Nendoroid is probably the most popular toy line in the world for fans of giant heads on smallish bodies. Not only does the line give the super-skull treatment to popular anime and video game characters, in Japan there are at least three video games based on characters as they appear in the line. It's crazy. Also, adorable.

So this is Nendoroid Luigi, up for preorder tomorrow in Japan.

Nendoroid Luigi is fully poseable.


He comes with a variety of accessories, including his own warp pipe, and a Bullet Bill. He's even got a fancy backdrop, which makes for lovely photos.

A Goomba is included, which is scary, but dusty jumping special effects give Luigi the upper foot.


Thanks to swappable expressions, Luigi and his Goomba companion do not have to fight — they can be friends.


But Bullet Bill will never be his friend, no matter how hard Luigi tries.

I am completely charmed, and have a new found appreciation for Mario's little brother.


I will not be preordering the Nendoroid Luigi tomorrow. I cannot purchase Nendoroid figures, because I know they would ruin me. Those giant heads would eclipse all other things in my life, and I would be lost forever.

Instead, I wish tiny, big-headed Luigi a Merry Christmas, and urge him to enjoy it to the fullest — there's won't be another year of Luigi for at least another decade.

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