A First-Person Look At The World's Best StarCraft Player's Skills

Those are the blazing hands of the current StarCraft II World Champion and by far the best player in the world, STX_INnoVation, participating in the WCG Korea Qualifiers. He's easily tearing apart a Protoss opponent with his unmatched Terran skills and rapid-fire decision making.


He probably doesn't even recognize that GomTV's own StarCraft II caster, Khaldor is behind him, capturing every moment. Oh and nice keyboard by the way, with that F1 key removed—no one's using it—you don't even have to see the game to know it belongs to a StarCraft player.

Innovation First Person APM video - WCG Korea Qualifier 2013 [YouTube, KhaldorTV]

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Somebody help me out; I tried getting into SC2, all my friends play and really recommended it. Sadly, I found it boring as all get out and as I hear more and more about competitive SC2 I became less and less interested in trying to get back in.
I've never really played an RTS, was a console gamer most of my life until I bought my first PC at 20, but the idea has always appealed to me. Having an army and strategically placing them around a battlefield, taking the high ground, flanking and all that jazz; Sounds pretty fun. SC2 seems to incorporate all that but twitch reflexes are more important it seems.

So to my fellow Kotakians, what would be a good RTS that focuses more on strategic unit placement, choice and overall macro management and not as much on quick twitch gameplay?