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A First-Person Horror Game, in Space, Where You're Not Shooting (Much). Sign Me Up.

Just because you play a game in the first-person doesn't mean you have to spend the whole thing with a gun stuck out in front of you. More games should realise this. Like the upcoming Routine, which is billed as a "first person horror exploration game set on an abandoned Moon base".


Which sounds about as far up my alley as the alley goes, before I draw a line and say, stop, this is getting weird.

Developers Lunar Software have revealed the title at this year's GamesCom, and while firmer details are scant, we do know the game is going for a terrifying level of realism, with no HUD, no points, no health bars, no health pack, no multiple lives...just the chilling finality of permadeath.


I mean, I'm sure you shoot something at some time, but most of that trailer showed walking, creeping, running and just generally being creeped out by an abandoned base, so hopefully that constitutes the bulk of gameplay.

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