A First Look at the Kingdoms of Amalur Studio's New MMO

While they may be having their share of financial problems lately, Kingdoms of Amalur creators 38 Studios have still been working on at least one new game.


That game is a massively multiplayer project dubbed Project Copernicus; just today, the governor of Rhode Island announced that the game will be released in June 2013.

The studio then released this fly-over video, which gives a sense of the world of Project Copernicus. Well, it is very colorful, isn't it?

Hold on, I want to go back to the governor thing for a second. That is excellent. I kind of wish we could get all of our video game release-date announcements from state governors, you know?



Errr god I have to get this off my chest, but can no studio make a fantasy MMO anymore due to the success of WoW? Was Brad McQuiad attempting to conjure the gameplay of WarCraft when he created EQ? People conveniently forget that WoW is based off an already established strategy game series. WoW used a formula that EQ, took from Ultima that took from tabletop RPGs that took from LotR (and other fantasy lit) which took from myths, fables religions etc. Ten years ago I could do a search for the word elf or orc in google and get a variety of results based on it and now its almost completely WoW related.

Im sorry I sound like a grumpy troll but I swear to GOD WoW has ruined high fantasy.