[Image: Square Enix]

Forget about Final Fantasy VII Remake! Square Enix has something else for you: wine and crystal wine glasses. Please be excited.

Tonight in Tokyo, Square Enix revealed the ‚ÄúFinal Fantasy 30th Anniversary Ultimate Wine Crystal Edition.‚ÄĚ It includes a thirty year-old bottle of Chateau Meyney red wine and two Final Fantasy inscribed glasses with Swarovski. Isn‚Äôt this better than new FFVII Remake footage? Of course not!

[Images: Square Enix]

The set can be yours for a mere 108,000 yen (US$949). But... you can pick up a bottle of Chateau Meyney from 1987 for around seventy or so bucks, which makes these two very expensive wine glasses.

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