Reader John wrote a love letter to his lady friend Sara. To ensure it didn't end up straight in the bin, he turned it into an elaborate mural starring Gomez, of Fez fame.

John says of the work:

I'm a gamer, an art guy, and I love FEZ. Sara is my girlfriend, awesome, and loves the colors in FEZ (hell, so do I). With our powers combined, I made this construction paper cut-out for her.

In FEZ, you're a 2D character in an isometric, four-sided 3D world. You collect cubes to save the world. Here, Gomez (the one wearing the fez) and a Miss Gomez team up to collect a heart cube. Because, you know, heart cubes play off a mushy vibe better.


While it looks like a tiny little card, it's actually 20"x30". And on the back, a neat little surprise.


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