30 Seconds of Quantum Break Gameplay Is All You Get, For Now

Been waiting to hear more about the Xbox One exclusive action drama Quantum Break? Well, here's something new. It's not much but it is something.

Sam Lake, creative director at Remedy Entertainment, talks up the next game from the makers of Max Payne and Alan Wake in the clip above. Lake explains how the TV show portion of Quantum Break's split offering will focus on the evil corporation screwing with spacetime, while the game follows the storyline of Jack Chance, the hero trying to stop them. All we get as far as gameplay is about a half-minute of quick cuts towards the end of the video. Lake's comments seem to indicate that Quantum Break won't be spotlighted at E3, waiting instead to show off another glimpse at Gamescom in August. Gonna be a long wait... unless you can travel through time.

Quantum Break will release on Xbox One in 2015.

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So this is also delayed to 2015.... so the exclusives to come:


- Driveclub.
- The Last Of Us: remastered.


- Sunset overdrive.
- Halo Collection.

A new IP and a repackage of an older title.
I doubt the announcement of new triple-A games coming out on this very same year too.

I don't mind it, though. I'm more than satisfied with all the 3rd party titles coming in.