The Wii's new MotionPlus add-on should make frisbee-throwing a dream, but really, it doesn't fit the mould of other Wii Remote accessories, in that it's too subtle. A little white block? BORING. Other, shittier companies have already blazed a trail with their plastic tennis racquets and plastic shark guns, so it's a shame to see Nintendo playing it so safe. French designer Rodolphe Dogniaux, however, is not playing it safe. Here's some of his more practical ideas for Wii Remote add-ons, which the Cooking Mama team should be looking very carefully at. This one's delightfully labelled "La wii-mélange", with another after the jump.


You should check out Dogniaux's site for a loads more, as the French naming is half the charm.

Wii recherche [design matin, via 4CR]

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