A Fan Is Rebuilding Jak II In CryEngine, And It Looks Amazing

With Naughty Dog occupied withUncharted 4 and folks clamoring for more The Last Of Us, Deviant Artist Floordan has taken it upon himself to please 3D platforming fans with his own HD remake of Jak II.

Recently released on YouTube (via Reddit), the preview of Floordan's recreation of Jak II's Pumping Station level demonstrates a tremendous love for the source material. Even without the Jak II Renegade: Reborn title on the video the scenery is instantly-recognizable to fans of the series. And for the non-fans in the audience (for shame), here's a shot of the original, via the Jak and Daxter Wiki.


The original is still pretty sexy, but compared to Floordan's CryEngine creation it pales.

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