It's been nearly two decades since the original PlayStation console debuted in Japan, and that calls for a celebration. Game Art HQ marked the milestone by having its community of artist create fan art for 40 different PSone classics.

Being a huge Final Fantasy IX fanboy, my favorite piece of the set is the gorgeous cutout piece done by artist Mizueyes777, but there were plenty of nearly-as-good games released for the original PlayStation, or so I hear.

Games like Grandia, for instance, depicted here by artist C-Puff. What's that? You want a non-RPG entry? Let me see what they've got.


How about The Legend of Dragoon? You might think the game, which turns 15 this week, is an RPG, but in reality it's a DAMN FINE RPG that really needs a sequel. Artist Cronoan does it proud.

Fine. Here's Kowloon's Gate. Most of you have no idea which genre the game falls into, but I assure this Japan-only release was not a role-playing game. Way to embrace the obscure, Sires Jan Black.


This. This right here is a shining example of non-RPG PSone greatness. Alejandro Villada caputers the spirit of Klonoa perfectly in this lovely piece.


I leave you with Mihai Radu's tribute to Crash Team Racing, a shining example of milking a property for all it's worth. We miss you, Crash.

Hit up Game Art HQ for the full gallery, which includes more classic and obscure (my beloved Bust-A-Groove) fan art, as well as commentary about the games by the artists. It's a fitting tribute to the system that introduced the world to Sony gaming.