A Family's Miis Aid in Return of One Stolen Wii

A Jacksonville, Florida family's Wii is back in their possession after being stolen and pawned, thanks to a handful of Miis.

According to a report from FOX 30 from Jacksonville, the Witherspoon's Wii was stolen, alongside several televisions, during a burglary in May. Police tracked a stolen television to a local pawn shop, where the Wii was also pawned. The family identified their missing console with the help of the Miis based on the mother, their children and, reportedly, even the family dog.


A woman, Latrina Shepard, was charged with illegally pawning the electronics.

The takeaway from all this is that if you're going to burglarize someone and swipe their Wii, spend the extra time to create a convincing Mii of yourself to minimize suspicion. That's a free tip, criminals!

Mii's help family recover stolen Nintendo Wii [Fox 30]

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