A DS Lite To Fight Cancer

Nintendo printing money for good. The company is releasing a Pink Ribbon DS Lite to help raise money for cancer charity Susan G. Komen for the Cure. The portable is the Polar White DS with a breast cancer awareness pink ribbon. For everyone one of these that's purchased, Nintendo will donate US$5 to the charity and has already guaranteed minimum of $100,000. Truly a great reason to pick up this DS. Nintendo DS Lite Limited Edition Pink Ribbon



Charity is always good, but to be 100% sincere, I don't like that.

5 bucks? I mean, C'MON Nintendo, you can do better than that.

Unless of course, this is mostly a strategy to print more money than for charity's sake.

Even McDonald's McHappy day is better than that.

But whatever.. I hope at least this will make other gaming companies promote charity fund rallies too.