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Simon Parkin's written a piece over on GameSetWatch about a little trip he took to to Amsterdam. Nothing saucy or inhaled, mind you, just a bunch of impressions of one of the city's more adult tourist attractions. That and the brief tale of a walk past a young girl, in one of said attraction's shop "windows", and her dalliances with a Nintendo DS. Nothing newsy there, no screenshots or video clips for you to pore over, nothing that you can feverishly pass on to 100 friends as the latest "internet thing" for the day. It's just a really nice piece, about a girl and a DS.


COLUMN: Chewing Pixels: 'Sex and Tetris' [GameSetWatch]

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@Soyerzz: If its not going to contribute anything to the post or the site (which that insightful comment does not), best to keep it to yourself.