Uncharted hero Nathan Drake makes getting hit with a tranquilizer dart and stumbling through an open-air market mumbling to yourself look easy. Video game satirists supreme Mega64 make it look hilarious.

Does anyone else feel like investing in a blowgun now, or is it just me? Not that I'd use it, of course. Especially after seeing what Mega64's Rocko went through just pretending to suffer the effects.


It never ceases to impress me, the embarrassing situations these guys will put themselves in for the sake of entertaining us. If I tried something like this... Well, if I tried something like this the crowd would flee in fear, police would be called, and I'd find out what a taser tastes like. The video would be hilarious, until I involuntarily peed myself.

But not Rocko. His pants remain dry the whole time; I checked.

Uncharted 3 [Mega64]

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