A Doom Tribute That Also Kind of 'Fixes' Doom's Box Art

This is not a knock on the original, iconic Doom box art, gorgeously illustrated by the late great Don Ivan Punchatz. This is just a tribute. But some may consider it a "fix" of the artwork that graced id's early '90s shooter.


This is the work of "Agent Scarlet," an artist we've featured more than once on Kotaku. It does service to the classic Doom cover by populating it with the hellspawn we've come to know and fear over the past decades. It also extracts some of the creative license Punchatz took with Doom's simple graphics, taking some of the original Mega Man-like qualities out of its box art. Mostly, though, it injects some Doom 3 sensibility into the piece and expands its bestiary.

At the very least, it gives us a more modest, less midriff-exposing "Doomguy" as our hero.

See it in full below or head to Agent Scarlet's deviantArt account for the big picture.


Doom Tribute by agentscarlet

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